By bringing first-class safety training to your doorstep, we help you make sure your crew is ready to tackle any situation. Our mobile and in-class first aid and safety training helps your company remain compliant with current legislation while protecting your team.

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Medical training

Hands-On Safety Training


Covers All Learning Styles

Develops Safety Culture

From Risk to Ready

Imagine a worksite where every member of your team is trained, ready, and capable of handling emergencies.

Octane will help you transform your staff from being at risk to being ready to respond. By training your team to think, react, and improvise, we help prepare them for any emergency situation at work or at home.

Training Optimized for All Learning Styles

First aid and CPR training are mandatory for employees in industrial and infrastructure worksites, and are mandatory for worksites to be compliant with both federal and provincial occupational health and safety legislation.

We offer both classroom and mobile first aid, CPR, and safety training. We also adapt this training to suit different learning styles.

For example, visual learners may want to see how something is done, while auditory learners may prefer to hear explanations and talk their way through things.

Similarly, kinesthetically-oriented people may want to learn hands-on. We deliver the equipment, training, and knowledge to assist in this process, ensuring that your staff receive the best possible training and are ready for any emergency.

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The Benefits 

  • Visual, auditory, and hands-on staff training and testing
  • In-class and mobile training available
  • Compliance with federal and provincial OH&S legislation
  • Training in how to think, react, and improvise in emergency situations
  • Build on your safety culture
  • Prevent workplace injuries
  • Improve business performance
  • Face mask upon course completion

Helping You On-Site At... 

  • Construction sites
  • Oil and gas sites
  • Mines
  • City and highway paving sites
  • Logging and forestry sites
  • Special events

Your Safety Champions

Our passion lies in creating safer worksites and imparting lifesaving skills. We understand the unique challenges faced by various industries, and adapt our training to fit different learning styles.

With our comprehensive, hands-on approach, we ensure that your staff receive the best possible training, setting the stage for a safer, more efficient business.

"The management staff are there for you 24/7. Octane encourages and empowers their medics to continue raising the bar in our service industry. I am proud to be part of such an amazing team."

"Support services from Dispatch to Fleet are organized and expedient. Training is frequently offered to keep up on skills or when new equipment is being placed on units. Field staff have been great to work with and will help you along the way."

Additional Services

When it comes to keeping your people safe, we've got you covered. Our superior safety services, fleet of 40+ units, and experienced team are here to help you out.

Emergency First Aid (Medic) Services

Our certified medical responders and mobile treatment centers are ready to provide immediate care wherever you are, whatever your job. LEARN MORE >>

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Want to keep your workspace risk-free? Our on-site drug testing can help. It's accurate, timely, and designed to help you maintain a safe work environment. LEARN MORE >>

Safety Program Development & COR Auditing

Looking for a safety program tailored to your needs? We're on it. From company-wide planning to project-specific guidelines, we've got your back. LEARN MORE >>

Ready to bring the highest level of safety to your workspace?


Naloxone Included in All Kits

In response to changes in the Occupational Health and Safety Act, all Octane Safety Services first aid kits include Naloxone, a vital drug that can temporarily reverse an opioid overdose. 

We are committed to meeting and exceeding current safety standards and ensuring safer workplaces. 

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