Diversity is as an asset. Octane actively maintains a culture of inclusion. Our hiring practices are based on attitude, ability to communicate, and desire to learn.

The unique contributions of all individuals, regardless of ethnicity, gender, faith, age, status, or other, are appreciated and valued.

Octane accepts and encourages applications from all amazing humans.

On this team we

  • Work with top-of-the-line equipment
  • Have professional clients on great job sites
  • Enjoy a friendly, positive, and supportive work atmosphere
  • Share an extensive knowledge base and train with experience
  • Utilize an ongoing educational system with continual training and skill-building
  • Perform monthly on-site medical quality assurance drills
  • Celebrate your achievements, appreciate assistance you provide to supervisors, and value your contributions to our knowledge base

We provide

  • Project-specific onboarding
  • Comprehensive in-person training prior to working alone on-site
  • Personal mentorship from a senior employee
  • On-call Senior Management support available at all times
  • Communications equipment and procedures to keep you safe, including vehicle monitoring systems and journey management
  • Professional grade medical equipment
  • Professionally maintained fleet and equipment