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Who We Are

Octane Safety Services was founded on the premise of making worksites safer, and saving lives. Combined, we have worked for more than 50 years in this industry, witnessing both safe and unsafe work practices, and experiencing losses first-hand. These experiences have become the driving force behind our commitment to delivering consistent and successful industry-leading safety services. They have also shaped our passion for helping our clients protect their most valuable assets – their people.


Our Services

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    As on-site work locations have become more remote and workplace safety standards have evolved, so have our services

    Medic Services

    Drug and Alcohol Testing

    Safety Program Development

    COR Auditing

    The Octane Team

    The Octane Team

    The Octane team are more than just medics or safety consultants; They are extensively trained guardians that champion worksite safety

    Jessica Coleman - Founder & President

    Having worked in the health and safety industry for more than 15 years, Jessica started Octane in 2008 with a goal of building a safety services company which raised the industry’s current safety standards through continuous employee training, high quality equipment, and lasting relationships with both employees and clients. Jessica also works as a health and safety consultant as well as an External Enform COR Auditor. She also has her Occupational Health and Safety Certificate (honours) from the BC Institute of Technology.

    Hear From Jessica

    Tara Behrens - Chief Operations Officer

    Tara began with Octane as a qualified and highly trained medic. She was quickly promoted to Field Operations Supervisor based on her drive, attention to detail and strong work ethic. In 2014, Tara became a Partner in Octane with Jessica. She whole-heartedly embraced the role, and is now responsible for Octane’s marketing, corporate development and operational planning. Tara guides and creates business growth strategies, cultivating opportunities in new and existing markets, and works towards raising industry safety standards everyday.

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    Octane is able to provide the highest level of medical services possible because of the skilled, trained and experienced staff we hire. Octane functions like a family, and all employees are treated and cared for as such. We look after our team so that you feel confident in your work, and are successful in your career

    Why Be Part of the Octane Difference?

    • Access to top of the line equipment
    • Great clients on great job sites
    • Friendly, positive and supportive work atmosphere
    • Extensive knowledge base with experienced supervisors
    • Ongoing education system, with continual training and skill-building
    • Monthly on-site medical quality assurance skills and drills
    • Added perks when you land your own jobs, do sales calls, assist supervisors, and contribute to our knowledge base

    What You Can Expect From Octane

    • On-site onboarding for each project
    • Thorough training prior to going on each site
    • Personal mentorship from a senior employee
    • On-call managers available at all times for support
    • Communications equipment to succeed in your role, including: Laptop, printer, air card, cellphone, business cards, and company stickers
    • All high-end safety and medical equipment to succeed and be safe in your role

    Roles at Octane

    While there are no current job opportunities, Octane is always looking to hear from the right candidates and add to its experienced team. Please submit your resume to hr@octanesafety.com



    We look forward to hearing from you

    9326 81 Avenue
    Clairmont, AB T8W 5B9