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across Western Canada


Mobile Treatment Centres

As on-site work locations have become more remote, and workplace safety standards have evolved, so have we. Octane Medical Treatment Centres (MTCs) are CVMSS Certified, TUFPORT MTC Units, attached to a fleet of 1 Ton 4X4s which are fully equipped and built to handle any emergency situation. All vehicles meet and exceed industry standards and provincial regulations.  Driven by our highly trained medics, the units are off-road ready and come fully equipped with the appropriate communication equipment to work efficiently in even the most demanding site locations.

  • Construction Sites
  • Oil and Gas Sites
  • Mines
  • City and Highway Paving Sites
  • Logging and Forestry Sites
  • Special Events
  • Level 3 Occupational First Aid (OFAIII)
  • BC Emergency Medical Responders (EMRBC)
  • AB Emergency Medical Responder (EMRAB)
  • AB and BC Primary Care Paramedics (PCP)
  • AB ACP Advanced Care Paramedics (ACP)
  • Prevent Workplace Injuries
  • Avoid Work Delays
  • Risk Mitigation and Preparation
  • Exceed Industry Standards
  • Operate Safely and Efficiently
  • Improve Business Performance