COR Auditing

Octane revolutionizes the way companies work with safety audits that ensure a proactive approach to workplace safety

Our COR Auditing Services Can Help You Prepare

Octane’s COR Auditing, or the Certificate of Recognition program, offers companies like yours an effective way to measure their health and safety practices and systems against association, industry and jurisdictional standards. We help assess and audit these health and safety management systems to determine where strategies for prevent accidents and injuries are lacking, and suggest attainable solutions. When you elect to have these systems audited on a regular basis, you take a proactive approach to improving your business performance, while maintaining an effective and safe work environment.

  • Construction Sites
  • Oil and Gas Sites
  • Mines
  • City and Highway Paving Sites
  • Logging and Forestry Sites
  • Special Events
  • COR Auditing
  • Aviation Auditing
  • BASELINE Audits (to Determine if Your Company is Audit-Ready)
  • Health and Safety Management System Assessment
  • Health and Safety Management System Solutions
  • Gain an Understanding of Where You Are Now
  • Boost Your Bottom Line
  • Improve Business Performance
  • Protect the Safety of Employees, and Your Business
  • Prevent Lost Time Incidents
  • Ensure and Maintain an Effective Work Environment

Establish a Healthy, Practical Working System

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