TrainingOctane Safety Services Ltd offers first aid training in a classroom, but we also offer something new, mobile first aid training. This means you do not have to leave your job site, we come to you! In addition to on-site workplace safety training, we know that everybody has a preferred learning style. We provide visual, auditory and hands on testing; no written tests. People learn in many different ways and no two people learn in exactly the same way. Octane Safety Services Ltd trains more efficiently by teaching in a way that takes into account the various differences in learning styles. Visual learners want to see how something is done. Auditory learners prefer to hear explanations and like to talk their way through things. Kinaesthetically oriented people want to get lots of hands-on experience so they can feel how something is done. We do not want anyone feeling stress due to the pressure of written exams, we want to help our students discover their own learning styles and how to make the most of them.

Our industrial safety training helps workplaces be to compliant with both federal and provincial/territorial occupational health and safety legislation, regardless of whether there are 10 people on staff or 100 people in a crew.

First Aid & CPR training is mandatory for employees in the industrial workplace; but, unlike most other types of health or safety training, these skills and knowledge are also applicable to an individual’s daily life. This is why we teach people First Aid & CPR through the Canadian Red Cross, in easy-to-follow steps, empowering them to act on, prevent, and manage life’s emergencies.

Practical hands-on components are supported by a variety of training materials, based on course requirements, such as: mannequins for practicing CPR, AED trainers, bandages, splinting materials, barrier devices, first aid kits, auto-injector trainers, inhalers etc. All of our health and safety training programs meet the latest International guidelines and follow strict quality control guidelines and procedures for content development, update and delivery.

Learn how to prevent injuries and to think, react and improvise in emergency situations! NOTE: Each student gets to keep their face mask after the course. To book a course, call the Alberta health and safety training experts at 780-691-7025, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Course Offerings 

Training in an Octane Classroom

Grande Prairie, AB

Minimum of 3 people per course
  • Emergency First Aid (WEFA: Equivalent to BC OFA 1): 1 day
  • First Aid with CPR A (we will do CPR C by request): 2 days
  • Recertification of Standard First Aid with CPR A (we will do CPR C by request): 10 Hrs

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