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Jessica Coleman, Founder and President

Jessica Coleman

Jessica Coleman is the Founder and President of Octane Safety Services.

She started the company in 2008. Her goal was to build a company that raised the industry standard in safety services through continuous employee training, high quality equipment, above average expectations and long lasting business relationships with employees and clients.

Aside from operating the company with business partner Tara Behrens, Jessica also works as a health and safety consultant and External Enform COR Auditor.

“I love coming up with ideas, and truthfully, ideas are the easy part,” said Jessica. “It is the implementation that is hard, and that is my true passion; taking risks, creative thinking, being inspired, being focused, being innovative!”

She has worked in the health and safety industry for more than 15 years. She earned her Occupational Health and Safety Certificate with Honours from the BC Institute of Techonology and is an External Enform COR Auditor.

Tara Behrens, COO

Tara Behrens

Tara Behrens is Octane Safety Services Chief Operations Officer and a business partner with founder Jessica Coleman.

As the COO, Tara is responsible for Octane’s marketing, corporate development and operational planning. She guides and creates the business growth strategy, cultivating opportunities in new and existing markets.

Tara started at Octane as medic but her strong work ethic and drive was soon noticed and she was promoted into a Field Operations Supervisor position and then again to Operations Manager. In 2014 she was offered the opportunity to become a partner in Octane, a role she whole-heartedly embraced.

“I enjoy the constant pace at which we work,” said Tara. “There is never a slow time as we are always striving to learn, grow and teach. Raising the Industry Standard is a daily goal, not simply a slogan.”

Estelle Bremner, Accounting Manager

Estelle Brenmer

Estelle Bremner is the Accounting Manager and the most senior employee at Octane Safety Services.

As the Accounting Manager, Estelle is responsible for establishing and maintaining practical and sound tax and financial processes for Octane.

She started with Octane one year after the incorporation of the company and has been a constant source of support, insight and enthusiasm ever since. In the beginning she did everything alongside founder and president Jessica Coleman, from human resources to strategist, cheerleader to babysitter.

Prior to her time with Octane, Estelle owned and operated a retail store, a trucking company with her husband and son and has extensive experience in management and senior bookkeeping roles for various Canadian companies.

Brittany Olsen, Logistics Coordinator

Brittany Olsen

Brittany Olsen is the Logistics Coordinator at Octane Safety Services.

As the Logistics Coordinator, Brittany is the responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of our fleet. She makes sure the trucks and the MTC units are ready for the field whenever they're needed.

Unlike many of our other staff, Brittany does not have a medic background. Since graduating high school, she has spent several years working in gyms in Vernon BC and Grande Prairie.

She came to Grande Prairie in May 2015 and started at Octane in October 2015.

While she may eventually become a personal trainer, right now she is enjoying the journey of learning new things. She came to Octane for the challenging new job and to expand her work experience before possibly returning to school.

“I came to Octane because it sounded like an awesome company to work for and the job is busy with lots to learn and a lot going on,” said Brittany. “I like to challenge myself and I get that from this job. I really enjoy being involved in everything.”

Shayna Lee, Operations Manager

Shayna Lee

Shayna Lee is the Operations Manager for Octane Safety Services.

As the Operations Manager, Shayna is responsible for the overall operations management for Octane including inspections, drills and managing and supporting Inventory, Operations, Field, Logistics, Fleet and Purchasing Departments.

She grew up in Powell River and moved to Victoria when she was 18 to pursue an education in massage therapy.

“I like helping people (with massage) but I wanted something more versatile,” said Shayna of why she became a medic. “I like treating people and doing first aid.”

Shayna joined the Octane team three years ago as an EMT-A. She moved up to Field Supervisor in January 2016.

“I enjoy talking and dealing with people,” said Shayna, who also likes keeping busy – something her role as field supervisor does for her.

A lifelong learner, Shayna is currently earning her National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) certification. 

France Cabana, Communication representative

France Cabana

Started in May 2016 after moving across Canada from Manitoba. France like many other fantastic team members at Octane Safety saw how vast the opportunities where in Grande Prairie. France had her eye on landing a job with Octane Safety from the start. She had heard through other industry members and general searches that Octane was a fantastic place to work. She applied to become a medic and was ecstatic to be accepted as a member into the Octane Safety team and start her journey in Alberta.

France is the connection between the clients and the team. She is a people person and with her personable skills she has moved up the ranks in multiple positions around the company. She is super sociable, easy going and open to helping other staff and clientele to connect to the office community. She has been described as the “Peace Maker” and the staff trust her to help keep things running smoothly and everyone is informed.

Octane Safety is an excellent work environment and the culture is very strong at Octane Safety and it truly shows through the team and work they do. They take care of the team and she describes Octane Safety as an extended family.

Mary Andersen, Dispatch and HR Assistant

Mary Andersen

Mary grew up in Alberta and moved to Grande Prairie to start her new career. She had originally gone to school because she enjoyed medical field but loved the accelerated growth of the oilfield industry. She found more opportunities for growth and found that I could incorporate the medical field interests with the fast paced, ever changing environment of the oilfield. In October of 2014, she started as a medic for Octane Safety and then transferred to dispatch when the position opened and she has loved being in dispatch ever since.

What sets Mary apart? She enjoys the industry; being a quick thinker and can react fast in my environment whether in the field or in the office and she gets to “hold down the fort” from behind the scenes. That means keeping up with clients and their specific needs and requests to provide ultimate customer retention. She loves the fast-paced atmosphere, and all the customer relations and the opportunity to communicate with fellow staff members both personally and professionally.

The team is amazing! The support is always there and they are constantly ahead of the industry curve. The partners and leaders are directly connected to each staff member personally and professionally accommodating to a work life balance.

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